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Royal Academy of Engineering,UK under Newton Bhabha Fund has approved a Nation-wide initiative on "AI and deep learning Skilling and Research”. University College, London, Brunel University, London and Bennett University, India are collaborators of the project. NVIDIA and AWS Educate, Videoken and Edvantics are industry partners. The initiative got further boost when AICTE saw great merit in the initiative and has recommended all of its 10000 approved institutions to associate with the project.

So,our collegehas taken initiative and joined as a Lead Zonal Partnerof BENNETT University's"Mission Artificial Intelligence Start Up”,supported by Royal Academy of Engineering,UK;NVIDIA;Amazon;University College London and Brunel University London.

To take this mission forward LNCT Group, Bhopal has formed a group named “AI RESEARCH GROUP” and this group invites all interested faculty and students of LNCT Group to be a part of this initiative.

This is for all those people who love to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network.We intend to share our knowledge, experience and thoughts about AI/ML/DL through this Group. If you are reading this then we think you are the right person to join this group.



Free Online Books

(1). Deep Learning by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow and Aaron Courville
(2). Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

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Github Repositories

(1). Daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer
(2). Face recognition with deep neural networks

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(1). Deep Learning
(2). Stanford edu
(3). Deep Learning News

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  • Oct

    Prerequisite of Workshop on "Hands on Machine Learning"

    Venue : LNCTE Auditorium || Time : 10:30 AM
    1. 1. Student’s name should be in the final registration list declared by the AI Group Officials (you can find the list by clicking SELECTED LIST or WAITING LIST below or they can find the same on our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/lnctaigroup/?ti=as*
    2. 2. The workshop is a full day workshop. If you are coming to the workshop then you are supposed to attend full day (Attendance will be taken in both half).
    3. 3. Entry will be provided only if student is having his/her own laptop otherwise you will not be entertained.
    4. 4. Laptops should be fully charged (as no power source will be provided) with concerned software (You will get the link of software by today’s evening and you are supposed to come with that software installed).
    5. 5. There is no facility of Internet. So, if internet is required then you can use your own source of Internet.

    6. NOTE : All students present in the the below list (both SELECTED and WAITING) are supposed to come by 10:30 AM sharp at LNCTE Auditorium. Late comers will not be allowed to enter.


  • Oct

    Workshop on "Hands on Machine Learning"

    The first workshop of “AI Research Group” is going to be held on 13th Octoberc2018. The list of participating students will be displayed on AI website ( and www.lnct.ac.in, under the tab Life@LNCT ) and WhatsApp group. Student may note that Laptop is compulsory for participating.

  • Oct

    First Awareness Program of LNCT AI Group

    As the Artificial Intelligence, Deep leaning and Machine learning are increasing becoming the must have skill for faculty, students and researcher in different engineering domains.In view of this our institutions becomes the Lead Zonal Partner of Bennet University, Greater Noida and we have formed AI Research Group of LNCT campus colleges. The first awareness program of this has been held on 4th October 2018 at F-17 (Student Activity Center). Where around 300 students were given a overview of Artificial Intelligence, Deep leaning and Machine learning. The main speaker in the program were Dr. Manish Khemariya, Dr.Vivek Richhariya, Prof. Vijay Trivedi and Prof. Nikesh Tiwari.



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